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And gain access to more depth, capacity, energy and inner fire than you’ve ever experienced before

We thoughtfully designed SPARK as a rare opportunity for you to step away from your routine responsibilities, and into nature, to find a new reservoir of energy and insight that is absolutely there for you and capable of supporting you in all facets of your life, (once you stop trying to access it from the wrong place.)

During this time, you’ll discover meaningful, yet simple shifts you can implement to create the relief and the expanded capacity you’re seeking.

Make no mistake . . . sparks will fly!

When you join us at SPARK you will:

  • Co-create a personalized map that outlines where to focus your time, energy and resources after the retreat is over – so you’ll go further, faster and enjoy yourself a whole lot more too!
  • Get even more connected to what lights you up inside – and learn how to tap into that as the source of your authentic power.
  • Remove layers of accumulated stress and connect more deeply to yourself – through guided meditation.
  • Nurture your body, mind and spirit – with twice-daily, gentle yoga sessions and delicious meals prepared with locally grown foods.
  • Optimize your digestion of food as fuel – with personalized design of a nutrition plan.
  • Make meaningful connections with other strong, inspired leaders – and have some amazing fun, too!

Agenda Preview

Day 1
3pm: Check in
6pm: Group Commencement Dinner

Day 2-3: Daily Schedule
7:30am: Guided yoga session
8:45am: Combined learning begins with a light breakfast
1:30pm: Combined learning concludes with a light lunch
1:30-5:30pm: Enjoy down time to rest, relax, or get into nature by exploring the grounds or nearby attractions
5:30pm: Reconvene for a group dinner
7pm: Gentle guided yoga or meditation session

Day 4
10am: Check out and Goodbye Breakfast

Meet Your Hosts

GG Johnston

GG is more than a business coach and more than a consultant. She’s a strategic thinking partner and adviser to business leaders who want to outperform their historical growth and create a clear competitive advantage. Using a combination of tools, GG works with select partners to help decision makers regain a sense of company purpose and infuse that purpose into practice, across the organization.

As past President and CEO of one of Denver’s premier public relations firms, GG spent years running a business and serving as a trusted adviser to business leaders across many industries.  For more than 15 years, she saw large and small companies invest significant resources in marketing and communications campaigns; some netted impressive results while others failed. She recognized the difference being, organizations with clear strategy, and people aligned with and mobilized around the strategy, succeed by leaps and bounds.  That’s when she launched her consulting business, Downstream Partners.

Part mentor, part therapist, and part chairman of the board, GG stands shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, working inside the business to create clarity, accountability and alignment to strategy, while fostering culture and staff development.  With her involved, clients get the maximum return on investment in staff, customers and partners.

Abbey L. O’Neal

Abbey is an engagement experience strategist and a culture cultivator. Having spent nearly 15 years leading strategic communications, PR and brand marketing teams within organizations spanning a number of industries, she now helps business leaders align their individual gifts to their professional sense of purpose.

Bringing an outside perspective to her clients’ companies, Abbey strengthens collaborative and intentional culture. She is passionate about helping companies create a new standard for connecting with people through purpose.

Abbey is a Certified Yoga Instructor and completed her 250-hour teacher training in Vinyasa Flow with Samadhi Center for Yoga in 2009. In 2010, she completed a 100-hour Hatha yoga intensive with a focus in guiding one’s practice from the heart center. Additionally, Abbey is certified as a Level III and Master Reiki practitioner, and began integrating energy and mindfulness work into her client practice in 2011. She operates as a channel to help her clients tap into the awareness of root issues that cause stifled energy and guides them through removing these blocks to open up to their full emotional and creative potential.

Valerie Perrone Edwards

Valerie is a Certified Personal Trainer, NASM with specializations in corrective exercise and fitness nutrition, 2014, and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She is currently pursuing her 500-hour teacher training through Samadhi Center for Yoga, having completed a 200-hour teacher training through Qi Functional Training Center in 2013 and a 200-hour training through CorePower Yoga in 2005. She is also certified in levels I and II Restorative Yoga through Samadhi Center for Yoga. She loves the combination of yoga and fitness and is passionate about empowering people to be strong and balanced in both body and mind through a fun, creative approach.

Valerie is a Colorado native who grew up active in sports, such as gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading. She earned a bachelor’s degree in humanities with a minor in music from the University of Colorado, Boulder and completed graduate studies in design and merchandizing at Colorado State University. Before pursuing her career in fitness, Valerie worked for lululemon athletica for seven years, which exposed her to a wide variety of fitness and yoga styles. Her favorite activities include yoga, cycling, strength training, HIIT, gymnastics, running, and she loves the aspect of community building, involved in all types of exercise. When not at the studio or gym, you can find Valerie playing outside with her son.

Gavin Gladson

Gavin is a nutritional therapy consultant, currently based in the U.K. While born and raised in the states, years ago, Gavin felt called to follow her passion for health across the Atlantic. There, she obtained a master’s degree in health psychology and completed her certification in nutritional therapy at the University of Stirling.

She believes that everyone has the power to be their own nutrition coach by healing their relationship with food and their body. Gavin approaches health through a holistic view of the individual, taking into account sleep, mindset and lifestyle. Gavin lives in Devon, England with her husband and daughter.





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