GG’s clients come to her with varying budgets and organizational needs. While her approach is highly customized, the process remains largely the same.

You’re struggling. You’re stuck. You’ve plateaued. Yet you want to get unstuck; get bigger or better. You want to go to the next level – faster – and with greater ease than ever before.

That’s where GG comes in. She operates as a therapist for your business. She sees and hears what you don’t. She helps you get to what’s trapped or hiding beneath the surface. She helps you to identify obstacles to growth. Then she listens and figures out where to begin.

While her clients are typically business leaders, GG also works with a limited number of individual clients navigating professional circumstances.

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Your business is unique. As such, GG takes you through the process while considering your organizational culture, strengths and limitations.  Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you inside your business, she:

  • Helps crystalize strategy, creating clarity and focus
  • Sets goals
  • Adds structure and process where needed
  • Helps you and your staff become more self-aware and more authentic
  • Addresses interpersonal issues
  • Creates alignment among team members
  • Fosters accountability, providing support and counsel along the way


  • Retreat Facilitation

    From planning to moderating, GG helps you plan an out of the office event to allow your leadership team or your entire staff to withdraw from daily operational pressures and rebuild healthy patterns of teamwork and collaboration.

  • Emergenetics Profile & Debrief

    Designed to give us an in-depth knowledge of our unique make-up, your Emergenetics Profile provides an understanding of who you are by revealing your thinking and behavioral attributes.

  •  Emergenetics Workshop

    A customized, results-driven and engaging session, GG spends a day focused on communication and how to use Emergenetics for increasing self-awareness and building more effective teams.

  • Individual Leadership Coaching

    GG also works with a limited number of individual clients navigating professional circumstances.  This coaching includes an Emergenetics Profile & Debrief, a TKI assessment, three 90 minute coaching sessions and conversation between sessions, as needed, or to discuss things that come up in the moment.

  • Certified HeartMath® Coaching

    Applied to consultative relationships when appropriate, HeartMath® provides the tools that connect us with the heart of “who we truly are” and empowers us to live healthier, fulfilling lives.

  • Walk With Me

    It’s a proven fact that your brain works better while your body is active. Whether in person or by phone, meet with GG for a consulting conversation, on the move.

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Get a taste for GG’s approach by reading: 5 Questions for Better Collaboration by GG Johnston

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