GG specializes in working with business leaders of organizations in transition – which could mean anything from growth, to a change in leadership, to a shift in strategic focus.

Because of the sensitive nature of her work, GG keeps her client list strictly confidential.

That said, her expertise spans a variety of industry and business sectors, including consumer products, food, healthcare, technology, education, professional services firms, government agencies, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations


Here’s what business leaders have to say about working with GG:

“This is not fuzzy, touchy-feely stuff where you do it and hope you’re going to see a return. In just the one year we’ve worked with GG, our employee retention has more than doubled and client retention has increased by 25 percent. There is a true financial return to this work, for sure.” –President of a Denver-based professional services firm

“I’ve seen more progress than ever before. I’ve been dealing with a particular issue for eight years. With no progress. And in just the last year of work with GG, I see a noticeable difference.” –Founder and president of a Denver-based private school

“If you’re looking to challenge yourself, your thinking and your path, GG is THE woman you should talk to.” –Director at an international professional services firm

“GG brought focus and accountability to the firm. She moved operational process to the forefront. She introduced us to business systems and best practices. And she speeds up outcomes. As a direct result of our work with her, I would say billings have gone up at least 20 percent.” –Co-founder and president of a Denver-based professional services firm

“GG is one of the most inspiring and honest advisers I’ve worked with. Through her therapeutic yet practical techniques combining brain science and emotional intelligence, I learned to manage unproductive feelings of burnout and guilt. Now I’m more present, productive, efficient and relaxed.” –Communications manager for a financial services company

Read more about GG’s approach. If you’re a business leader and are ready for results, book time with her now.

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